Offer world-class DeepTech expertise, invest up to $10M, and help you raise funds overseas and launch pilots with corporations


We know how DeepTech startups and mature companies can grow into successful businesses, and advise venture funds and corporations on working with innovations

For corporations
  • Upgrading the innovation funnel through access to the best DeepTech startups
  • Analyzing trends and ultimate solutions on the innovation market
  • Case studies and workshops with international corporations that have successfully deployed DeepTech solutions in their operations
  • Auditing portfolio companies with regard to their technologies, products and resources
For corporations
For venture funds
  • Selecting DeepTech startups – future market leaders from all over the world
  • Current portfolio auditing
  • Boosting capitalization driven by recommendations and engagement with startups
  • Pre-investment due diligence of companies to minimize risks and identify capabilities and potential constraints
For venture funds
For DeepTech startups
  • Quick access to international corporations and accelerators via a partner network
  • One-on-one engagement with a product and technical experts teams from MTS AI and overseas BigTech corporations
  • Investments of up to $10 million and fund raising from partner funds depending on the actual
  • A platform to test business hypotheses and find new clients
  • We work with major global BigTech companies and accelerators through our overseas subsidiary
For DeepTech startups


Accelerator's Current Programs We bring mature companies and startups to a new level at various stages: at the start, at the growth stage, and at first sales. Learn more about MTS AI's acceleration programs

Expert diagnostics
We will run a product and business diagnostics of your company, or select an individual development program or one of the ongoing Accelerator functions
Early DeepTech
  • Acceleration program for students from top-ranking universities, researchers, and hackathon winners
  • Х10 to algorithm and neural network improvement
  • Х3 to new markets entry rate
Win China
  • Individual program for Chinese market entry
  • Selection of a soft landing location and assistance in setting up business in China


Our graduates Companies from several countries representing various industries have already completed the MTS AI acceleration program. 60% of projects managed to raise investments during the learning process

Fero Technologies
Cloud based AI-products company created TiA, the world’s first intelligent virtual assistant for Supply Chain
Oxford deep tech spinout building highly accurate visual 3D body models produced with mobile devices
Alpha AR
AI-powered automatic 3D content creation platform for AR/VR, NFTs and games. As a backbone of metaverse the cutting edge technology helps to merge 2D with virtual worlds
AI tool generating content and providing analytics for any eСommerce platform
Eye Checkup
An early diagnostic system for preventing blindness via AI-based eye screening: an AWS AI Challenge finalist selected as a Global DeepTech pioneer
Cloud video surveillance company that connects any camera to cloud services for recording, streaming and video analytics
Warden Machinery
Digital transformation solutions for steelmaking and mining that increase EBITDA and ESG impact via process optimization and manufacturing fine-tuning
Fyrfeed makes the creation of content 80% cheaper than agencies by harnessing an efficient Human-in-the-loop approach to AI
Typewise is a Swiss deep tech company, boosting productivity for customer service and sales by 2-3x
Waybot Robotics
The world’s first company that provides unique high-efficient vision-guided cleaning robots based on subscription
Altris AI
Altris AI helps ophthalmologists to prevent glaucoma and other 100+ eye diseases with early and precise diagnostics through the OCT interpretation by AI
Latitudo 40
All-in-one Urban Data Analytics Platform for climate action planning: creates new tools to allow people to monitor the Earth

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