Creating AI solutions of the future today

Use MTS AI's proven artificial intelligence technologies to tackle your problems. Take advantage of our platform solutions to create smart devices, voice assistants and chatbots, and use our video analysis solutions
VSaaS Platform
Use an AI cloud video surveillance platform to empower your products, enforce regulations and provide site security
Audiogram Platform
Create voice assistants based on the speech synthesis and recognition platform: read out texts, control intonation, stress, and other parameters

About the Company

Finding the best ways to use AI

We develop AI solutions and products with the help of natural language processing and synthesis, computer vision and edge computing technologies. We build an AI community, work with leading tech companies and global experts, do research and invest in promising projects and teams.

Why us?

We bring together experienced developers and recognized technology leaders, breakthrough ideas, world-class research initiatives and a robust infrastructure to find the most viable AI applications for the good of the society.

Exclusive distributor
We supply AI chips and Kneron technologies for the Russian market
We use the most powerful machine across the telecom industry to help AI systems learn faster
Academic work
We partner with universities to work on research projects, organize training programs and develop AI solutions together with students from Skoltech, ITMO, Higher School of Economics and Moscow State University
We founded INTEMA, an international company that educates AI startups via Accelerator program and invests in top-notch AI teams

Products and Technologies

We develop AI-based products and solutions that allow you to automate customer service systems, control the security of commercial and residential units, analyze video and voice data, and create AI-enabled devices. Our solutions are designed to help people live and work with more comfort.



Computer Vision

We use computer vision tools in our smart video surveillance system


An intelligent cloud platform for developers to help integrate video surveillance into an existing product or become an enterprise automation tool

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing and speech synthesis are the bedrock for creating chat bots and voice assistants


A speech synthesis and speech recognition platform based on neural networks and ML systems with the ability to control the pitch, stress and other speech parameters

Coming soon

A B2B communications automation platform that employs a transparent metrics system, analytical algorithms and a toolkit for no/low code development

Creating AI solutions of the future today Creating AI solutions of the future today

Cases and Solutions

We tell you about specific applications for AI solutions

Posters for KION
Video surveillance in industry
Voice assistants
Using ML algorithms and computer vision software to create movie and series posters in an online cinema
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Control of the production process and compliance with safety measures, detection of defects, personnel monitoring
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Voice and chat bots on websites and applications for customer service automation
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Latest news
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Media about MTS AI
How is artificial intelligence changing the world?
MTS AI to acquire VisionLabs
MTS AI takes part in the NVIDIA GTC
Solution for Video Surveillance in Manufacturing Industry by MTS AI

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