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Finding the best use for AI technologies driven by science-based approach, innovative solutions and real-life experience

Products and Technologies

We develop solutions in natural language processing, speech synthesis, and computer vision

We offer digital transformation and business automation products, including for applications in manufacturing industry, transport, retail, agriculture and other sectors. We work with cutting-edge technologies: neural networks, microservice architecture and high-load systems. We use the most powerful supercomputer among all telecom providers, operate first-class infrastructure and have access to users’ big data.

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An intelligent platform for developing cloud video surveillance and video analytics services for business


A speech synthesis and recognition platform based on neural networks and ML systems with the ability to control the pitch, stress and other speech parameters

NLP Platform

A B2B communications automation platform that employs a transparent metrics system, analytical algorithms and a toolkit for no/low code development

Speech analytics

AI analytics of communications: service for customer voice and text interaction analysis based on advanced ML models


Growing together with MTS AI

Our focal areas include providing expert support to emerging AI startups and investing in promising projects. Pursuing these goals, MTS AI established a subsidiary in 2021 that works with AI professionals in Russia and abroad, partners with technology leaders, helps aspiring entrepreneurs in the Accelerator program, and takes advantage of the Venture Fund to invests in promising teams and breakthrough solutions worldwide.

If you have an interesting idea or a product related to AI, and you want to grow from a startup into a profitable business, apply to our Accelerator program where you will be able to learn from MTS AI professionals and international AI community leaders.

Your project has already found its niche in the market and is looking for investors? Send a request to our Fund.

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Investment projects

Creator of face and object recognition products and integrated solutions employed by businesses worldwide
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One of the leading providers of end-to-end solutions in Edge Computing
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Just AI
Developer of conversational AI tools for business: chatbots, virtual assistants and smart devices
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One of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of technological solutions in the field of access control
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Vision and mission


Become an AI technology leader for years to come


Develop new AI-based products, find breakthrough ideas and implement them in a way that improves people's lives and empowers sustainable development of the entire MTS ecosystem


What are the values we share?

Our actions match our words, we keep our promises and make no empty claims


We conduct business openly, offer investors and stakeholders complete and reliable information about the company's state of affairs and activities, and stick to our agreements and commitments


We strive to excel in our profession, knowing all of its aspects, predicting its future trends, being able to showcase our take on key events in the world of AI technologies, and growing to be an opinion leader


We are constantly looking for new ideas and learning new things. We look to the future with interest to determine which AI-based services can become useful and vital. We are not afraid to walk off the beaten path


We are aware of all the benefits and repercussions of AI development, which is why we do our best to make sure this technology will be used only in the best interests of society


Succeeding together

We bring together professionals in our field, including innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and technical experts, to join forces in AI development

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Dmitry Markov
Alexey Posternak
Chief Investment Officer
Dmitry Bulantsev
Chief Technology Officer
Galina Chertkova
HR business partner
Nikita Semenov
Director of ML Department
Ksenia Borovikova
Chief Marketing Officer
Sergey Zagoruyko
Head of Fundamental Research
Sergey Kolyubin
Research Projects Director

Compliance and Business Ethics

Advocating integrity and ethics in business

MTS AI adheres to responsible business practices and pursues the principle of zero tolerance of violations in business conduct and ethics. Requirements of ethics, integrity and fair play are absolute for all company executives and employees. MTS AI assumes responsibility for the consequences of any decisions and for their impact on corporate and public relations.

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