Compliance and Business Ethics

Compliance and Business Ethics

"Artificial intelligence is becoming a symbol of our time, placing more responsibility on MTS AI since our business may contribute to the economic, social and IT-related development of the country. The innovations we are offering to boost business growth are double-edged: not only do they give new business opportunities but also imply certain risks.

This is why we comply with applicable anti-corruption regulations, the laws of the Russian Federation and other countries, other internal regulations. We conduct business ethically, take responsibility for the consequences of our decisions and stick to the principles established by the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Code of Ethics: a humanistic approach, non-discrimination, data security, identification of AI, and respect for human freedom of will".


Business standards

We do business in line with the principles and
standards of business practices enshrined in the
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and we
guarantee honest and fair treatment of our
partners and customers.


MTS AI adheres to the following rules and documents in its business practices:


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

A core document that defines the standards of corporate conduct and the rules of interacting with customers, business partners, government agencies and external audiences. The Code is binding on all MTS AI staff, regardless of their job title.

Anti-Corruption Law Compliance Policy

The company has approved the Anti-Corruption Law Compliance Policy to make sure that MTS AI’s activities comply with the requirements of applicable anti-corruption laws.

Counterparty Code of Business Conduct

MTS AI is committed to responsible and ethical relationships with counterparties who share our principles and values. We expect compliance with procurement procedures and requirements, including the Counterparty Code of Business Conduct.

Conflict of Interest Management Policy

The Policy lays down the principles that MTS AI uses to manage any conflicts of interest and defines the steps to prevent and minimize the consequences of such conflicts with a view to strengthen stakeholder confidence in the company.

Compliance Contacts

Who do you contact?

For compliance and business ethics issues, feel free to contact

MTS Group hotline

Report potential or actual violations of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, corruption and fraud, and other violations of the law:

The hotline service is operated by an independent third party.

We guarantee confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal data of anyone who reports via the hotline, and we will make sure that no harm is done to these people. You may report violations anonymously. Remember that intentional provision of false or misleading information is unacceptable.