Accelerating deeptech startups and helping make money out of it

MTS AI gives the promising teams a good growth potential in the Accelerator, offers financial support and capacities for technological improvements
Sophisticate your algorithms and neural networks ten times faster
Get access to partner corporations’ big data and to MTS AI’s supercomputer and infrastructure
Cut your technology development and scaling costs by a factor of five
Test your hypotheses, work with international corporations and accelerators, and raise capital from DeepTech-focused venture funds


MTS AI Accelerator

We know how to create breakthrough DeepTech solutions and become a market leader. You can get expert support on DeepTech products and technologies, advice from mentors from foreign majors, as well as access to big data and a platform for quick testing of your hypotheses.
DeepTech Expertise
  • R&D Department: a team of DeepTech experts and researchers
  • Product expertise: proprietary AI solutions and tech platforms (NLP & CV)
  • International expertise: technical mentors from the world's major big tech companies
DeepTech Expertise
International hub for DeepTech startups
  • Quick access to top-ranking foreign accelerators through a robust partner network
  • High-profile DeepTech-focused venture funds and a potential to get $100,000 to $10 million of investments
  • A platform to commercialize and test hypotheses
  • Access to big data through the Accelerator's partner corporations
International hub for DeepTech startups
Resources for quick growth
  • Experience of global experts and mentors who have built complex solutions worth billions will propel you to new markets three times faster
  • Proprietary infrastructure and in-depth DeepTech expertise will help save five times more money when creating and scaling your technology and make the algorithms and neural networks improvement process 10 times faster
  • Complete your rounds and increase revenue three times faster with access to cash flows
Resources for quick growth


DeepTech solutions development program customized by stage and goals
At the start

Create a DeepTech startup based on your solution and capitalize on it while studying or working

First sales

Improve the technology and build a lucrative business

Growth stage

Enter new markets and get the finance for scaling

Who we are looking for

Who the program is intended for

The Accelerator is an online program; good command of English is a must

A team with unique technical background

You or your team members are students or graduates of top-ranking technology universities, hold academic degrees, etc.

You or your team have won in AI or DeepTech hackathons

Startups with ambition

Your goal is to create a truly game-changing product or technology

You or your team member can speak about the product or technology in English, and you are a Russian citizen

You have at least 8 hours a week to work on your project

Designers of breakthrough technologies and algorithms

You created a technology that is hard to replicate, and your IP belongs to the company, your team or you personally

You or your team are authors of research projects and publications on deeptech

are closed

There's Always a Chance

We have already selected startups for the first cohort, but you can apply to be in touch



Program timeline

The program will involve hard work with a personal product and technology mentor and a business development mentor, workshops from Big Tech companies, as well as a Demo Day featuring international funds and corporations seeking to partner with Russian startups

19 July – 19 August
Receive applications from participants
20 August – 30 August
Review applications and choose TOP-20 for diagnostics
1–15 September
Get to know the TOP-20 teams and diagnose their technology and product
20 September
Announce 10 winners
23 September
Initial online crash course
29 September
Define goals and strategy, draft individual plans for each team and have teams get to know the mentors
4 November
Announce interim results of the acceleration program, have teams present projects to venture funds representatives and adjust the goals and strategy
3 December – 13 December
Prepare for the Demo Day and work with experts individually
16 December
Demo Day

Submit your application to participate

We will come back to you to explain the routine of the program and answer your questions


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Joseph Tesfaye
Accelerator Manager
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