MTS AI took part in MWC Barcelona

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Alexander Khanin, MTS AI CEO, took part in the discussion about AI in the healthcare industry during the MWC.

AI in medicine: the panel discussion

At the beginning of March, Mobile World Congress 2022 was held in Barcelona, ​​the largest event in the telecom industry, which was attended by over 60 thousand people. Iconic brands and representatives from 200 countries attended the event both in person and online.

Alexander Khanin, CEO MTS AI, participated in a panel discussion on why artificial intelligence and robots will define the future of healthcare. Alexander, along with representatives from Intel, Vodafone, Rova Digital Limited and Neuroelectrics, discussed in detail how new technologies are changing the way healthcare is delivered and what their potential is in solving the most challenging medical problems. This applies to data analysis, diagnostics, the creation of innovative devices, assistance in patient care, getting access to services to low-income segments of the population.

MTS AI has been actively developing medical voice assistants and edge computing using AI chips for a long time. For example, a medical chatbot by MTS AI can communicate with a patient before the first visit to the doctor, due to which, already at the first appointment, the doctor has an anamnesis of the disease, based on which the patient receives a recommendation to make an appointment with a particular doctor.

Events like Mobile World Congress bring together global expertise in healthcare development, accelerate the development of successful solutions, and invest in promising startups. According to Alexander, maintaining contacts with the global scientific and business community is an important aspect in developing cooperation with all MTS AI partners both in Russia and in other countries.

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