MTS AI participates in Conversations 2021

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Galina Prokhorova, a leading communication automation methodologist at MTS AI, will speak at the Conversations 2021 Conference, where she will talk about how to avoid common mistakes when configuring bot metrics.

Conversations 2021: see you with MTS AI in Moscow

Winter is already at a low start and has big plans. For example, there will be a Conference at the beginning of December where you can learn everything about voice assistants, AI bots and technologies for their creation.

On Dec 3rd, Conversations 2021 will take place at the Radisson Blu Olympiyskiy Hotel in Moscow. The Conversations 2021 Conference means a top industry case, more than 30 speakers, 2 streams, technology analysis, community and networking. Top speakers will share with the audience insights of global importance and trends in the international market. The performances can be viewed online as well.

Within the framework of the Conference, a speaker Galina Prokhorova, a leading communication automation methodologist at MTS AI, will speak on the topic “Do not believe your eyes. How to avoid common mistakes when configuring bot metrics”.

In her speech, Galina will talk about new products and approaches that are used to develop them. She will share client experience and review the theme on metrics: how they are calculated, what mistakes are made and how to make the metrics really help the business.

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