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Accelerator Program Regulation

Limited liability company “MTS Artificial intelligence center” (company number: 1197746575146) (hereinafter, MTS AI) offers corporate entities and individual entrepreneurs to accept the terms of this Intema S.à.r.l. Accelerator Program Regulation (hereinafter, the Regulation).
A corporate entity/individual entrepreneur confirms the acceptance of the Regulation terms with no objection or reservation, and that such corporate entity/individual entrepreneur understands and accepts the meaning of the terms, words and phrases used in the Regulation that is assigned to them in the regulatory definitions and/or interpretations provided in the Regulation.
The Regulation does not require bilateral ratification and is valid in electronic format.
To accept the Regulation, the corporate entity/individual entrepreneur needs to read and understand the terms of the Regulation and confirm its consent with such terms by clicking the “Send” button to submit an Application on the Website.

1. Terms and definitions


A program to scout for and select technology projects and implements short-term programs for rapid development of selected technology projects through provision of training, mentorship and expert support services. The Accelerator is neither a bidding process, nor a public tender or public promise of an award.


A process of lending support to the selected Startup that suggests product improvement, testing of hypotheses, search for clients, partners and investors, and short-term intensive development to ensure prompt expansion into new markets, in which expertise and information support are provided.


A project carried out by an Applicant/Participant through or with the help of information technologies, including robotics, cloud computing, Big Data, human-machine interfaces, control systems, etc. in the field of DeepTech (developments based on the latest achievements in the field of science and technology aimed to solve large-scale society and business problems as a whole).


A corporate entity/individual entrepreneur that submitted an Application.


Applicant invited by the results of the selection of Applications for participation in Acceleration.


A form for participation in the Accelerator completed by the Applicant and available on the Website.


A period of time specified on the Website from the start of selection of submitted Applications up until the Demo Day.

Demo Day

A final event at the end of Acceleration, where Participants present their results that they achieved during participation in the Accelerator. Demo day may be arranged either online or offline.


A person invited for involvement in the Accelerator proceedings, who has relevant experience in information technology projects (for example, with experience in founding and developing a business, consulting on high-tech projects, conducting workshops and training sessions, or with a deep understanding of the process of bringing innovation to corporate operations).


A person invited for involvement in the Accelerator proceedings, who has relevant expertise in a specific discipline and whom the Organizer may invite as a consultant on highly specialized matters.

Strategic Advisor

A person invited for involvement in the Accelerator proceedings, who acts as a Participant’s advisor and whose primary concern is to help deliver on the strategic plan of meeting a Participant’s goal within the Acceleration and to provide feedback regarding the performance of the Participant’s team.


Person/s participating together with MTS AI in the Accelerator realization, potentially interested in cooperation with Participants.,

2. General terms

This Regulation identifies the aims, objectives, procedure and timeframe of the accelerator program in DeepTech field.

The Accelerator has its official website at
accelerator-deeptech/(above and hereinafter, the Website).

Official language of the Accelerator is English.

As a result of the Acceleration Participants may additionally receive:

  • the Partners’ investments;
  • potential extension of partnership with the Partners (in a form determined jointly with the Partners);
  • valid business case demonstrating the value of Startup’s product or technology.

3. Accelerator’s aims and objectives

The Accelerator’s aim is to scout for, evaluate, select and facilitate accelerated development of Startups to enable to invest in the most promising Startups and/or subsequent implementation of Startups solution.

The Accelerator has the following objectives:

  • Scout for Startups whose inventions are built with DeepTech AI-assisted technologies;
  • Evaluate and select Startups;
  • Ensure accelerated development of selected Participants through their participation in Acceleration with involvement of Mentors, Experts and Strategic Advisors.
  • Develop specific tools within the third parties’ operation to enable communication with Participants and developers of technological and business innovations.

4. Startup selection directions

Only Startups whose solutions are related to DeepTech-assisted technologies with artificial intelligence will be approved for the selection process.

5. Requirements for Applicants and Applications

Brilliant corporate entities/individual entrepreneurs all over the world with high quality technologies which are hard to copy-cat and replicate are invited to participate in the Accelerator, who are committed to accelerated development of their Startups through Acceleration and seeking financial support of, and cooperation with new partners. The rights to such technologies must be owned by the relevant legal entity/ individual entrepreneur or key team members.

The Accelerator’s Applicants shall meet the following requirements:

    1. To participate in the Accelerator, the Applicant shall submit its Application on Website. A notice of receipt of the Application will be delivered to the e-mail address stated in the Application.
    2. An Applicant must be duly registered as a corporate entity under applicable law and must not be in the process of bankruptcy, voluntary dissolution or any other similar proceedings.
    3. One Applicant may only submit one Application under any given Enrollment for the program.
    4. An Applicant may specify in its Application several suggested solutions or technologies represented through its Startup.
    5. If an Application was rejected, the Applicant may not re-submit its Application for the current Enrollment to the Accelerator with the same Startup.
    6. All the legal documents required for participation in the Accelerator shall be prepared in accordance with the laws applicable to the Applicant.
    7. The Applicant’s suggested Startup shall be a functional prototype, or at a higher maturity stage. The Startup shall be at level TRL4 or higher on the Technology Readiness Level scale.
    8. The Applicant represents and warrants that, to the best of its knowledge, none of the individuals or entities in the Applicant’s Group are sanctioned entities and are on the Sanction Lists, are registered and operate within any Sanctioned Territory, or act as representatives of any such entities at the time of submission of the Application and throughout the time of participation in the Accelerator.
    9. The Applicant also represents that, to the best of its knowledge, at the time of submission of the Application and throughout the time of participation in the Accelerator none of the individuals or entities in the Applicant’s Group are engaged in contractual relations with Sanctioned Entities that are on the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List provided by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC, US) or with representatives of such entities if such contractual relations are deemed as “material contracts” or provision of “material” assistance by the listed entities or their representatives.
    10. The Applicant additionally represents that its participation in the Accelerator will not violate any export control regulations of relevant Jurisdictions (including US Export Administration Regulations, EAR).
    11. Moreover, the Applicant represents that the property acquired by the Applicant during participation in the Accelerator (including appropriate access to software) will not be used by such Applicant or any other entities that make part of the Applicant’s Group:
      • within the territory (or in the interests of business conducted in the territory) of the Republic of Crimea and/or the city of Sevastopol;
      • to design and manufacture any weapon systems (including, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons);
      • for any other purposes that the Aplicant’s Group is not permitted to pursue under applicable statutory regulations in place in the Jurisdictions.
    12. The Applicant shall immediately, but in any case no later than within 1 (One) business day after the relevant event, notify of any changes to the above representations in a message sent to the e-mail address provided in Clause 14.
    13. The terms used in clauses 5.2.8 – 5.2.11 above must be interpreted as follows:
      “Applicant’s Group” includes the Applicant, its controlling entities (including the ultimate beneficiary) and controlled entities (notwithstanding the reasons for such control and whether or not such control is direct or indirect), as well as members of governing bodies of the Applicant and its controlling entities and controlled entities.
      “Sanctioned Entity” means any natural person or corporate entity, as well as organization that are not a corporate entity, specified in the Sanction Lists, as well as any other individuals or entities that are under control of the above due to their direct or indirect ownership of at least 50% of shares (stake) in the equity of such other entities.
      «С“Sanction List” is an official list of entities that are subject to trade, economic or other kinds of restrictions, as documented by designated authorities of appropriate Jurisdictions, as well as the lists prepared by the United Nations, including but not limited to the following lists:
      • Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List and Sectoral Sanctions Identifications (SSI) List drafted by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC, US);
      • Entities List and Military End-User (MEU) List drafted by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS, US);
      • Her Majesty’s Treasury consolidated sanctions list (UK);+
      • Consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject financial sanctions (EU).
“Sanctioned Territory” includes Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Syria.

“Jurisdiction” includes the United States of America, the European Union, Great Britain.

MTS AI may, at any stage of the selection process and Acceleration, audit the Applicants’/Participants’ compliance with the requirements of this Regulation, as well as the adequacy and accuracy of information and documents provided by the Applicant with intent to participate in the Accelerator. If it is found that Applicant/Participant does not meet the requirements of this Regulation, or that the provided information and documents are incomplete or inaccurate, the Applicant may be refused registration or Participant may be dismissed from the Accelerator at any time at the MTS AI discretion.

The Applicant’s Application shall meet the following requirements:

  1. All Applications shall be submitted by the Applicant’s designated representative within the timeframe identified on the Website by filling out a special questionnaire form, with the attachment of any documents additionally requested, if any.
  2. The information provided in the Application may be either in English or Russian; it must be complete and accurate and shall not infringe the rights of third parties, including any intellectual property rights, rights to reputation and personal privacy.
  3. All personal data shall be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy and general principles of personal data processing provided in the MTS AI Personal Data Processing Policy available on the Website. The Applicant is not obliged to include in its Application any confidential information relating to different aspects of its Startup.
  4. The Applicant’s representative shall have all the rights, authorizations and consents that may be required to submit the Application.
  5. Breach of Clauses 5.2 and/or 5.3 of the Regulation is a ground for the Organizer to deny Applicant registration or to dismiss Applicant/Participant from the Accelerator at any time at MTS AI discretion.

6. Accelerator procedure and timeframe

6.1. Applications to participate in the Accelerator shall be submitted as described in Clause 5.2.1 of the Regulation.

All the stages of Application evaluation are described in Clause 7 of the Regulation.

Participation will be held online at all stages of the Accelerator. Some events may be offline (taking into account the Partners opinion), allowing Participants to participate offline.

In the frame of Acceleration, Participant representatives will visit seminars, training sessions and workshops, with intensive individual development of their Startup together with personal Mentors and representatives of MTS AI and its Partners.

During Acceleration, Participants will achieve one or more goals:

  • finalize their Startup;
  • customize or test their inventions (implement a pilot project);
  • build a business case and demonstrate the value of their designed product or technology;
  • find potential investors;
  • find new clients.

Each Applicant/Participant will bear their own expenses to complete the above actions.

The final reporting event of the Accelerator is the Demo Day, where Participants’ teams will be allowed the time to briefly present their Startup, describe their achievements due to participation in the Acceleration, demonstrate the modified Startup during the Acceleration, and suggest a path forward for its upscaling. The presentation shall be in English.

Accelerator stages:

Stage name
Stage result
Enrollment of Startups
Applicants’ Applications in accordance with Section 5 of the Regulation
Evaluation of Startups
Applicants invited for participation in Acceleration after selection of Applications in accordance with Section 7
Acceleration proceedings
Participants invited to present at the Demo Day after Acceleration
Demo Day
Business case demonstrating the value and scalability of Startup, as well as possibility of additional investments from and/or partnership
  • The dates of specific stages of the Accelerator are provided on the Website and may be changed at MTS AI (taking into account the Partners opinion) discretion, with subsequent mandatory notification of Applicants/Participants of a corresponding stage via e-mail and/or on the Website.

7. Application selection procedure and criteria

The entire process of selecting Applications submitted for the Accelerator includes three stages: (1) initial assessment of compliance with the Accelerator requirements (screening); (2) rating-based selection / detailed evaluation (scoring); (3) final desktop selection.

7.2. The purpose of the initial assessment of Applications (screening) is to identify whether an Application meets the requirements outlined in Clauses 5.2 and 5.3 of this Regulation, including with regard to the correct and thorough completion of the Application. The Organizer checks if all the necessary information in the questionnaire and appropriate attachments to the questionnaire have been provided. The focus of the screening process is to make sure that the Startup is relevant and the information provided in the Application is sufficient for its detailed evaluation at the next stages of review and evaluation of Startups.

The initial assessment relies on the information provided in the Application and/or acquired during the interview that MTS AI or its Partners may arrange with Applicants via any video conference or telephone channel, including Skype, Zoom, etc., that allows personal interaction with the Applicant’s team.

The Application contains answers to the questions listed in the approved form, as well as any submitted materials that enable the Organizer to make conclusions regarding:

  • the product and employed technologies;
  • the business model;
  • the team (roles, involvement of each team member, experience and skill set of each team member).

If the information provided in the Application is incomplete, MTS AI or its Partners may contact Applicant’s representative or any other individual identified in the Application as a point of contact to lean any information that may be missing at this stage.

If Applicant refuses to provide the missing information or the information provided is insufficient, or if the Organizer cannot contact Applicant using the provided contact details, the Application may be rejected at MTS AI sole discretion (taking into account the Partners opinion).

After the initial assessment, each Application may be:

  • Rejected at MTS AI sole discretion (taking into account the Partners opinion). A notice of rejection of the Application will be delivered to Applicant at Applicant’s e-mail address stated in the Application;
  • Handed over to Experts for a detailed evaluation.

Detailed evaluation of Startups (scoring) is carried out by Experts based on a number of established criteria:

  • Applicant’s team.
    Competence and technological / technical expertise of Applicant’s team members and founders; adequate level of the team with specified experience.
  • Solution’s value. .
    Existing or potential value of Applicant’s product or service for MTS AI, its Partners or the market in general, in Expert’s opinion.
  • Technology concept.
    Availability of technology in Startup; unique nature of Startup’s technology; complications with replication of the technology, or availability of a better technology on the market that other market players or competitors use; innovative component of the technology; technological feasibility of Startup.
  • Scalability.
    Potential for technological feasibility of Startup and its scalability on the market or commercialization by the MTS AI or its Partners.
  • Market.
    Scope of the market. Availability (or absence) on the market of any competitive solutions with similar (or higher) technological readiness level that address the same needs of potential customers.

Final desktop selection of Applications is relied on the rating of Startups from previous stages. At the stage of the final desktop selection of Applications, mandatory additional online meetings with Applicants may be arranged. If the Applicant is absent from such online meetings, it may be disqualified at the sole discretion of MTS AI or its Partners.

After the scoring and desktop selection stages, maximum 20 Applicants are invited to participate in the Acceleration program.

For the purposes of Acceleration, MTS AI Partners may establish additional rules, acceptance of which may be binding for the Applicant. Information about such rules is brought to the attention of Applicants by MTS AI sending the text of the rules or the source of their placement to the contacts provided by the Applicant. If the Applicant refuses to accept the rules of the MTS AI Partner (if any), MTS AI has the right to exclude such Applicant from further participation in the Acceleration.

Management of processes during Acceleration

After successful selection and acceptance of the MTS AI Partner rules (if any), Applicants become Participants of Acceleration.

Each Participant goes through the Acceleration program within the timeframe specified on the Website. The program begins with a Kick-off session and ends with Participant’s demonstration at the Demo Day.

The kick-off session is an inception meeting with Participants of Acceleration where all Participants will get to know about the workflow during Acceleration, the harmonization of expectations of Participants, the outcomes for Participants after Acceleration, and the terms of participation in Acceleration.

The training program includes a series of training activities. A detailed schedule of Accelerator activities will be provided to Participants at the Kick-off session or delivered to them electronically.

In addition to the training program, Acceleration includes individual interaction between Participants and Mentors, Experts and Strategic Advisors, as described in Section 9 of the Regulation.

Training presentations of Participants. At least 3 business days before the Demo Day, each Participant must deliver a training demonstration to the Mentors, Strategic Advisors, Experts and MTS AI or its affiliates and Partners with a presentation of its achievements during Acceleration.

Demo Day is the day when Participants shall showcase their Startups at a pitch session in the form of presentation.

9. Engagement and interaction of Participants with Mentors, Experts and Strategic Advisors

Assignment of Mentors, Experts and Strategic Advisors to Participants:

  • A list of invited Mentors, Experts and Strategic Advisors shall be prepared.
  • Approved Mentors, Experts and Strategic Advisors may be replaced at MTS AI discretion (taking into account the Partners opinion).
  • Strategic Advisor may be assigned to Participant and replaced at MTS AI discretion (taking into account the Partners opinion).
  • Experts are not assigned to Participants; instead, they provide support and expertise upon Participant’s request after reservation of a time slot by the Participant to meet with the Expert.
  • A Mentor is assigned to a Participant within 5 (five) business days after the Kick-off session.

Arrangement and Holding Meetings with Strategic Advisors:

  1. MTS AI (together with the Partners) decides whether a Strategic Advisor shall be assigned to a Participant. In the event the Strategic Advisor assigned, choice of the Strategic Advisor and the period of appointment are determined by MTS AI (together with the Partners). During Acceleration, a Participant meets with the Strategic Advisor 1 (one) time a week for at least 1 (one) hour.
  2. After each meeting, the Strategic Advisor and Participant record the outcome of the meeting in electronic format and exchange such records via e-mail or other messaging applications.
  3. The meetings of Participants and Strategic Advisors achieve the following objectives:
    • Set and prioritize Startup’s tasks for the week.
    • Allocate resources to perform the weekly plan.
    • Review and record weekly achievements.
    • Identify critical issues that inhibit completion of Acceleration or implementation of Startup.
    • Develop hypotheses to address critical tasks.
    • Plan and design interviews with potential clients.
    • Conduct after-action review of interviews and make relevant conclusions.
    • Prepare Participant’s value offers for the clients.
    • Analyze the areas of responsibility of the Participant’s team members.

Arrangement and Holding Meetings with Experts:

  1. During Acceleration, the total duration of all meetings must not exceed 10 hours.
  2. A Participant may request Expert’s assistance by sending a request with reference to a specific Expert or with a description of its question, where Participant does not know which Expert can answer their question.
  3. The request must include an overview of Startup, contact details of the Participant’s designated coordinator, and question’s draft to Expert. Where necessary, explanations will be requested from Participant and the question will detailed.
  4. After consultation with Expert, Participant records deliverables of such consultation in electronic format and distributes such record to meeting participants and MTS AI via e-mail or other messaging applications.
  5. The meetings of Startups and Experts pursue the following objectives:
    • Participant advice following a specific request to the extent of Expert’s knowledge.
    • Discuss various options of addressing specific tasks outlined in the request.
    • Provide expertise in highly technical issues.

Arrangement and Holding Meetings with Mentors:

  1. During Acceleration, the total duration of all meetings must not exceed 12 hours.
  2. Participant prepares a request for meeting with Mentor and a list of questions to Mentor.
  3. Mentor responds within 2 (two) business days with a suggested date of meeting or waiver of the meeting.
  4. After the meeting with Mentor, Participant records the outcome of the meeting distributes the meeting minutes to its participants and MTS AI via e-mail or other messaging applications, if so agreed.
  5. The meetings of Startups and Mentors achieve the following objectives:
    • Assess the idea and help select and formulate Startup’s development strategy.
    • Assist Participants team in developing individual plans of Acceleration and identifying key performance indicators.
    • Support Participants in their growth, including by bringing Mentor’s knowledge and expertise on the issues essential for validation of hypotheses.
    • Advise Startups on the issues in which Mentor has significant experience, including technology-related and team-building issues.

10. Procedure and timeframe of announcing Accelerator stage results

10.1. The results of each Accelerator stage are distributed to Participants via e-mail no later than 10 (ten) calendar days after completion of a corresponding stage, unless another way and procedure is additionally agreed with the Participants.

10.2. Demo Day is the final stage of the Acceleration. At the conclusion of Demo Day, the format of subsequent cooperation with Participants shall be independently determined by MTS AI and its Partners.

11. Intellectual property rights

Applicant/Participant guarantees that:

  • it holds exclusive rights to Startup’s materials and bears full responsibility to third parties in case of its unlawful use of third-party materials protected by copyright or other rights;
  • Startup’s materials do not include any content developed in breach of third-party rights, including copyright, patent rights, intellectual property rights, utility model or design rights, or other equivalent rights under the laws of any country;
  • at the time of Application submission and throughout the time of Accelerator, such Startup/Startup’s materials are not pledged, and Applicant/Participant is not aware of any claims of third parties to Startup/Startup’s materials, including, without limitation, any copyright holder claims, legal actions or motions against Applicant/Participant/Startup/Startup’s materials, petitions to the Chamber of Patent Disputes or another equivalent authority. If Applicant/Participant becomes aware of either of the circumstances listed herein during its participation in Accelerator, they must immediately inform MTS AI accordingly;
  • intellectual property work(s) (hereinafter, Works) used by Startup have been provided to Applicant/Participant on legal grounds, with no infringement of third-party rights, and are authentic (i.e. produced by the entity authorized to produce such Items), and any production/use of Works by Startup does not infringe any third-party rights, does not discredit honor, dignity and business reputation, does not violate laws applicable to MTS AI and its affiliates or other rules of law that apply to the Works; furthermore, Applicant/Participant guarantees that if any copies of Works are used by Startup, all such Works are commercialized in the territory of relevant country lawfully, i.e. with consent of the copyright holder, and Applicant/Participant guarantees that they were imported to the territory of presence of MTS AI or its affiliates, following all the relevant and applicable customs procedures, and that Applicant/Participant holds appropriate rights granted to it by the copyright holder that enable it to lawfully distribute such copies of Works in the territory of presence of the Organizer or its affiliates. If any third party, including the copyright holder, makes any claims against MTS AI, its affiliates or Partners on the grounds that the use of copies of Works by Startup is unlawful, Applicant/Participant must settle any such claims independently and at its sole expense and indemnify MTS AI, its affiliates for any losses caused by such claims, unless it can prove that such claims resulted from unlawful actions of MTS AI, its affiliates, accordingly, and that MTS AI, its affiliates or Partners actions premised on Applicant’s/Participant’s instructions of the information provided by Applicant/Participant cannot be deemed unlawful;
  • at the time of Application submission and participation in Acceleration, Applicant/Participant is not under any obligations to third parties that may in any way disable complete or partial fulfillment of terms of this Regulation;
  • Works used by Startup is authentic (original), does not infringe any third-party rights, does not discredit honor, dignity and business reputation, and does not violate existing laws applicable to MTS AI and its affiliates or other rules of law that apply to such Works;
  • any software used by Startup is free from malicious contaminants (viruses, malware or spyware);
  • conditions of use and distribution of open source software used by Startup do not restrict further use and distribution of open source software for commercial purposes.

Any materials (including but not limited to documents, presentations, intellectual property works, logos, trademarks, etc.) presented by Applicant/Participant during Accelerator (from the time of Application submission) may be reproduced, translated or otherwise converted, published, copied or communicated, made public, broadcast on air or via cable, performed or demonstrated in public, at MTS AI and its affiliates discretion, without consent of Applicant/Participants of the Accelerator.

12. Final provisions

If during the Accelerator either Party (for the purpose of this section, Parties mean Applicant/Participant and other persons bring into in the Acceleration) provides to the other Party any confidential information that is marked as such or that the Parties will become aware of in the course of and/or in connection with fulfillment of this Regulation (hereinafter, Confidential Information), the Parties shall not disclose, release, grant access to, publish or otherwise communicate, whether directly or indirectly, such data and information to any third parties or entities, except the MTS AI affiliates and Partners or that are not duly authorized and/or must not have access to such data or information, while the other Party shall keep such information confidential and not communicate it to third parties, with exception of government audit authorities, without written consent of the Party that provided such information.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, provisions of this Clause shall apply insofar as otherwise stipulated by a separate agreement between the Parties.

MTS AI may dismiss Applicant/Participant at any stage of the Accelerator under its sole discretion.

Conducting the Accelerator does not imply any legal obligations for MTS AI, its affiliates and Partners to select projects to the Accelerator, provide finance to Applicants/Participants or invest in their projects, render any services to them or purchase any goods, work, services or intellectual property from them, or reimburse their costs (including the costs of Application submission, participation in the selection process and/or in the Accelerator proceedings) and any losses, as well as enter into any agreements and contracts with them. Any obligations of the MTS AI, its affiliates and Partners and Applicants/Participants of the Accelerator may commence only in connection with the contracts concluded by them through free exercise of choice. To all intents and purposes, the MTS AI and its affiliates liability to the extent of this Regulation is limited to 100.000 (one hundred thousand) Russian rubles, which amount may be recovered only where the fault is.

12.4. All the claims about the Accelerator procedure, claims relating to the corruption protection of the Accelerator, or any claims arising from the legal framework of the Accelerator must be sent to e-mail address


  1. All claims will be considered within 15 business days. The following information must be clearly and explicitly provided in a claim:
    • Point of claim;
    • Full names of Applicant/Participant representatives making the claim;
    • Phone numbers of Applicants/Participants;
    • Mailing addresses of Applicants/Participants.
  2. The decision after examination of the claim shall be final. Applicants/Participants of the Accelerator that filed the claim will be notified about the decision via e-mail.
  3. This Regulation shall be subject to and interpreted under applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
  4. Any disputes arising from the Regulation shall be settled in Arbitration court of Moscow.

This Regulation may be amended by MTS AI unilaterally. Such amendments will become effective on the date of publication of the new revision of the Regulation on the Website.

13. Anticorruption clause

To the extent of their cooperation on the terms of this Regulation, the Parties hereby acknowledge that in their operations they maintain high ethical standards and commit to abide by the Applicable Anticorruption Laws, and will not take any steps that may violate the rules of Applicable Anticorruption Laws or cause such violation by the other Party; among other things, the Parties hereby commit not to demand, accept, offer, authorize, promise, or make any illegal payments directly, through third parties or as an intermediary, including but not limited to in the form of monetary or any other kind of bribe to any natural persons or corporate entities, including but not limited to any government and public authorities, public officials, private companies or their representatives.

The Parties commit not to take (abstain from) any actions that may create a threat of conflict of interest, and will give reasonable notice to the other Party of any circumstances in their knowledge that may cause such conflict of interest.

Notification channel for submission (disclosure) of information:

Applicant’s/Participant’s notification channel for submission (disclosure) of information: e-mail address specified in the Application.

The Parties shall properly maintain and store all accounting records and other documents that confirm their costs incurred in pursuance of the Regulation. The Parties shall offer their full support during any investigation and/or audit that may be carried out in pursuance of the Regulation. The Parties shall protect all the confidential information that they may become aware of during the audit, as stipulated by applicable laws.

In case of breach of the above anticorruption obligations by Applicant/Participant, MTS AI may suspend all interaction with such Applicant/Participant at its sole discretion until such time when the causes of violation have been eliminated, or dismiss such Applicant/Participant by sending a corresponding written notice.

  • Applicable Anticorruption Laws shall be interpreted as any laws on bribery and corruption control, decrees, regulations, policies, supervisory instructions of foreign countries, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act 2010, insofar as they apply to the relevant participant.

14. Contact information

Applications for participation in the Accelerator are accepted via the official Website

You may refer any questions regarding the Accelerator proceedings to the following address:

Hereby the Applicant/Participant confirms that it has fully read, understands and agrees to all terms and conditions of this Regulation as of the date of the Application submission in accordance with Clause 5.2.1.