How to create custom-built bots with the use of the solution from MTS AI

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Text-based and voice-activated digital assistants allow the business sector to automate and accelerate many routine processes – for instance, reply to typical questions posed by customers or employees. Companies get assistance when it comes to the connection of bots not only from the suppliers of AI solutions themselves, but also from the developers of custom-built bots, which personalize digital assistants and technically adapt them to suit the customer’s corporate system.

Why do you need custom-built chatbots?

According to the estimates of the analytical agency Markets and Market, the global volume of the chatbot market in 2026 will be equal to $10,5 billion with a GAGR 30,29%. The number of applications in which it will be possible to get advice from an AI-operator will reach 9.5 billion by 2026, which is three times more than it was in 2022, according to data from Juniper Research. 

Businesses are paying more and more attention to conversational AI-based products because they help companies reduce customer service costs and increase the speed of providing information at the same time.

Digital assistants are highly-demanded in the retail sector, in banks, telecommunications companies, as well as medical and educational institutions. Developers of custom-built bots help the company determine its target audience and select the most efficient communication channels and scripts that need to be automated. Bots can also be used to cope with various tasks: initiate correspondence or reply to incoming questions.

Voicebots help companies consult the subscribers of telecommunications operators concerning the change of the pricing plan or offer bank customers more favorable service conditions. Delivery services can inform customers concerning the movement of a postal parcel with the use of chatbots in messengers and social networks. Text-based digital assistants are demanded as a widget on the websites selling, for instance, online courses, where the buyer can clarify the information pertaining to a certain service without leaving the page.

In particular, chatbots are necessary for the business sector for the following: 

  • consultations on products and services;
  • receipt of orders from customers;
  • internal and external technical support;
  • recruiting and HR communication;
  • help for call center operators.

In each field, bots are specialized in a certain set of tasks. In online stores, with the use of the assistant, it is possible to arrange item return, in telecommunications companies – inform customers on new pricing plans and promotional offers, in banks – remind customers concerning payments and inform them on important changes in service terms, tip them off about currency rate, bank details, etc.

Which bots may be created with the use of MTS AI?

IT integrators and developers of custom-built digital assistants can use the NLP platform from MTS AI as the main tool. With its use, one can create a bot of any complexity without engaging a large team of IT specialists.

When the developer is using the NLP platform resources to create chatbots, MTS AI specialists:

  • conduct an audit of channels and scripts of communication between customers and clients, offer ways of using the platform to accelerate development and save resources;
  • train developers and integration specialists how to use the platform, connect to it complementary systems and implement bots in the customers’ systems;
  • educate machine training models on the customer’s data where necessary to personalize the chat bot in more detail. Thus, the integrator will be able to offer a unique solution for each customer. It might be required in specific fields – for instance, in a healthcare center the bot can consult a patient on the cost of certain services.

To ensure full control of the digital assistant lifecycle, the developer gains access to the uniform bot control system, in which it is possible to edit the scripts of its interaction with users.

Why use the NLP platform when developing the bots?

According to the results of the survey conducted by the analytical agency PLUS Consulting and BSS Company, 67% of company heads stated that when expanding products and services on the basis of speech technologies they will give priority to the solutions based on the united neural platform containing speech analytics, voice biometrics, text and voicebots.

Following the MTS AI data, with the implementation of bots into company operation, more than 30% of customer calls are solved without participation of employees, as it services approximately 80 million subscribers. And the number of correct replies can be equal to 90%.

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