Infomatika Becomes a Portfolio Company of MTS AI

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MTS AI has acquired a 49% share in the manufacturer of smart turnstiles and ticketing systems.

The integration of Infomatika’s solutions with the face recognition technologies and face payment systems of VisionLabs (a subsidiary of MTS AI) will make it possible to implement complex projects for transport, stadiums, and concert halls, as well as educational organizations.

Both companies have successful experience in foreign markets in the Middle East and Latin America, where they intend to continue working together.

Infomatika has been active in the IT market since 1996. The company builds ticketing systems for sports facilities and professional sports clubs, museums, theaters, amusement parks and exhibition centers. Infomatika also develops transport fare collection systems, turnstile systems, gate systems, automatic control systems, information and payment terminals and interactive equipment. The company has its own design office and manufacturing unit in Kazan for project manufacturing and mass production.

Infomatika has implemented more than 200 projects. Its technologies were used to create access control systems for the stadiums of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. ASU (Automated Control System) The “Lenta“ automated ticketing system is successfully used by Russia’s leading sports clubs and major entertainment venues, and Infomatika’s ticketing systems are installed in the metro systems of Kazan, Samara and Moscow.

“As part of MTS AI’s investment strategy, we are closely examining assets complementary to our existing portfolio and focusing on the purchase of leading companies in their segments in Russia and abroad. This is how we acquired VisionLabs, which, in turn, has had a number of successful joint ventures with Infomatika over the past few years. For us, as well as the company’s good financial performance, this was a key factor in our purchase decision,” said Dmitry Markov, executive director of MTS AI.

“The logic of the company’s development required a strategic partner to push to the next level, including the development of international business. Collaborating with the MTS AI team, and VisionLabs in particular as a long-time technology partner, was the most logical decision for us and the most promising,” commented David Tartakovsky, CEO of Infomatika.

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