How to help an online retailer to increase sales by means of the AI Speech Analytics

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MTS AI team has offered to one of the largest Russian online retailers to implement the service of AI Speech Analytics with the use of NLP technologies and connect the automatic transcribing of calls to track the efficiency of call center operation.

Why should an online retailer track the quality of communication with customers?

The call center is playing an important role for the online retail sector. Approximately 2500 calls go through it every week, which means that the company profit also depends on it. In order to control how good call center operators cope with their task, analysts selectively listen to recorded calls by so doing, they manage to cover less than 3% of all dialogs. But the retailer needed a complex assessment of 100% of dialogs to maintain a high level of service and customer loyalty.

How can AI analytics be of use?

An online retailer contacted MTS AI for a solution that would help him track the quality of all conversations with customers. The customer needed to transcribe voice files into text files, identify the presence or absence of key phrases in them and generate reports. Our developers offered to connect to the automatic telephone station the Audiogram platform to automatically transcribe all telephone calls and implement AI Speech Analytics on the basis of Natural Language Processing technologies.

AI communication analytics is a speech analytics service from MTS AI that provides the opportunity to analyze with the use of advanced models of machine training the records of all telephone conversations of managers with customers: track key phrases and dialog intonation, control compliance with scripts, detect customer complaints, as well as cases of disclosure by employees of confidential information and personal data of other persons. Moreover, the solution defines speech tempo and level of operators’ friendliness, detects caddishness, rudeness, and use of offensive language, as well as provides the opportunity to timely react to such incidents. The customer can set up reporting and notifications concerning critical situations on his own.

Expected result

An online retailer hopes that the intelligent automated analysis of calls with the use of artificial intelligence will make it possible to detect the weak spots in the operation of the call center and timely hold skills workshops and review of operators’ mistakes in order to maintain the service quality at a high level.

Possible effects of use of AI Speech Analytics:

  • following the script increases by 15%;
  • efficiency of work of call center employees will increase by 20%;
  • amount of undesired language will reduce by 100%;
  • efficiency of outgoing sales will increase by 30% and cross sales – by 20%.
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