MTS AI accelerator – booster for DeepTech projects at any stage of development

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MTS AI business accelerator offers to promising startups first-class expertise, investments up to $10 million USD and help of tutors from technological corporations from across the globe. We make available foreign financing and pilot projects with the large corporations with the world name. Our incubator is useful for DeepTech startups and elaborate projects working with innovations and venture funds. Create new possibilities to ensure breakthrough for your business.

For corporations

  • We provide access to top DeepTech start-ups and develop innovations
  • We implement up-to-date tendencies and efficient solutions
  • We provide training on the basis of cases and workshops that are already using DeepTech innovations in their work
  • We assess technologies, product, and perspectives of portfolio companies on the basis of a unique scoring system
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For venture funds

  • Accelerator of technological start-ups, which will be the market leaders
  • Complex assessment of projects minimizing risks and revealing possibilities
  • Recommendations on collaboration with start-ups for capitalization growth
  • Assessment of the collected portfolio

For DeepTech startups

  • Simple networking of startups with accelerating programs and projects from abroad thanks to the extensive partner network
  • Big Tech personal elaboration of the product and technological component with the help of MTS AI experts and major players of the Big Tech market
  • Attraction of investments from the funds of the partner network
  • Possibility to get financing up to $10 million USD
  • Simplified check of hypotheses and new customers

MTS AI business accelerator has a special program for the project at any level of development.

  • Expert diagnostics of the product and business processes with the selection of the development track or acceleration program.
  • Early DeepTech — possibilities for the best higher learning institutions, developers, and winners of hackathons to improve algorithms and neural networks and faster enter the promising markets.
  • Win China — development of the plan of actions aimed at tapping into the Chinese market, help in finding contacts with the business and authorities, relocation team (soft landing).
  • Metaverse accelerator

In accordance with the first acceleration program, which was held in 2022, 60% of projects received financing at the stage of training. Contact us to get a consultation for free and find out which possibilities we have for the development of your business with the MTS AI start-up accelerator.

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