MTS AI Unveils New LLM Specifically for Business Use

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The MTS AI company has developed a large language model called MTS AI Chat for corporate clients. It will help write texts for job descriptions, vacancies or business letters, answer employees’ questions and public inquiries, structure and extract information from any document, summarize correspondence or call transcripts, and populate deal cards in a CRM system. 

For example, MTS AI Chat can be used to automate the recruitment and hiring of new employees, as well as train corporate search to answer questions about company rules, internal regulations, and project experience. This will reduce the workload on the HR department and other departments involved in supporting personnel.  

MTS AI customers can use the LLM on its own or together with other company products. For example, a solution based on MTS AI Chat and the Audiogram speech recognition and synthesis platform can transcribe call or video conference recordings, summarize what was said, and provide a short report based on a text request.

The large language model can also be used to create a bot that will communicate with employees about onboarding and training, or with customers about products and services.

“The MTS AI Chat LLM is the first product ready for implementation, both as a standalone solution and as an addition to speech synthesis and recognition products and communication analytics developed by our team,” said MTS AI CEO Andrey Kalinin. 

This solution is relevant for marketing, sales, HR, record-keeping, support and other company departments where routine work is done with large amounts of textual and unstructured data,” he added.

MTS AI Chat is designed to work with corporate information and allows on-premises deployment with deep customization for client tasks. Implementing the MTS AI model requires a minimum amount of time and can be done by one team with the ability to choose different model operation parameters depending on the available IT infrastructure. Upon client request, MTS AI specialists will implement a “turnkey” project, including selecting server hardware, installing software, and additional model training on client data if necessary. For now, the solution is available to corporate customers; MTS AI will announce additional information about the public release of the model.

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