MTS AI to take part in the Technoprom conference

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The CEO of MTS AI will speak at two sections of the VIII International Forum for Technological Development.

AI development, supercomputers, synergy of science, business and government

On August 25-27, Novosibirsk is hosting the VIII International Forum of Technological Development,Technoprom, which will bring together the leading experts and representatives of the fields of science, innovation, education and industry.

Alexander Khanin, CEO of MTS AI, will participate in two forum sections. August 25 will mark the convening of an expert roundtable to discuss the creation of a network of supercomputer centers and data processing centers in Russia and the current problems of their functioning; the experts will explore the creation of IT services for science, business and government, find ways of cooperation between science, education and business and raise the issue of the training and retraining of specialists at universities.

On the second day of the conference, Alexander will speak at the roundtable “Technologies of Global Excellence. AI as the Basis of the Digital Transformation of the Country’s Economy,” where he will discuss the practical application of AI in various sectors of the national economy, the successful application of image, sound and text recognition technologies, present industry trends and talk about the associated risks.

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