MTS AI Takes Part in Mobile 360 Eurasia 2021

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On September 14, Mobile 360 Eurasia 2021, arranged by GSMA, took place in Moscow. Alexander Khanin, CEO of MTS AI, participated in the conference.

Why Edge Computing and 5G Are Key Drivers of Growth

On September 14-15, the Mobile 36 International Forum took place in Moscow to gather outstanding experts from Eurasia in order to discuss pressing regional issues in the field of digitalization and 5G. Alexander Khanin, CEO of MTS AI, also gave a speech at the conference. He spoke on “Barriers and Opportunities of AI: Why Edge Computing and 5G Are Key Drivers of Growth”.


He said that artificial intelligence started being actively used back in 2007, and that today, the technology is proving helpful in the broadest-possible areas of application. The latest advancements by developers are making it possible to detect lung cancer and predict cardiovascular disease. There’s another application as well: using drones to deliver light packages and autonomous vehicles to get from place to place.

Alexander showcased the industry’s emerging trends: it’s here where AI is penetrating into the economy and impacting various sectors, including robotic engineering, smart cities, agriculture, fashion, computer games and military affairs. The future belongs to new AI solutions. This very moment, the Internet of Things and technologies like 5G and Edge Computing are being developed.

What else lies ahead? To watch a recording of the presentation, click on the link.

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