MTS AI Takes Part in Hacks AI – Hackathon in Veliky Novgorod

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Nikita Klimov, a Product Manager from Intelligent Surveillance at MTS AI, shared the development stage where the major AI-related lines of business are on the Gartner curve, the vector of their development and the challenges faced by developers. He also gave some useful advice for those who want to test themselves in the field of AI.

MTS AI Discusses the Future of AI Technologies at Hacks AI

In early September, the latest Hacks AI hackathon took place in Veliky Novgorod.

It’s the first and largest-scale AI project in Russia to be implemented within the framework of the national program: Digital Economy of the Russian Federation. Plans envision the holding of 116 hackathons, in which talented young IT specialists solve problems and come up with new solutions in such areas as computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition and synthesis, and so on.

Nikita Klimov, a Product Manager from Intelligent Surveillance at MTS AI, took part in the event and gave a speech on “Artificial Intelligence Technologies: Looking into the Future.” Nikita provided a detailed overview of how technologies are developing today and discussed their current location on the Gardner Technology Maturity Curve. He shared stories of developers’ success and spoke about the challenges that they’re currently facing.

The second part of the speech was devoted to a review of AI professions ensuring the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies. Nikita shared some information with the young audience. In particular, he pointed out the unique features of each professional specialization and gave advice on where to get the right education to become a true AI expert.

The full version of Nikita’s speech can be viewed  here.

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