MTS AI takes part in ATOMSKILLS 2021

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At ATOMSKILLS 2021, Alex Shershebnev, Head of the CV Group at MTS AI, shared the results of using a supercomputer with participants and answered some of their questions about when to choose cloud resources – and when a supercomputer is indispensable.

MTS AI answers supercomputer questions at ATOMSKILLS 2021

This past August marked the holding of ATOMSKILLS 2021 – the latest edition of the worldʼs largest corporate championship of professional mastery based on WorldSkills methodology. As part of the event, more than 100 experts from all over the world gathered together to discuss the results of testing new solutions, share successful experiences and insights that can help corporations and countries achieve global technological leadership.

Alex Shershebnev, Head of the CV Group at MTS AI, was one of the conference participants. In his remarks, Alex shared the results of using the MTS AI supercomputer, talked about its key components and how the machine has accelerated the training of superpatterns. He answered participants’ questions as to why supercomputer and machine-learning concepts are increasingly being mentioned together in articles and why it may take a lot of capacity to train neural networks.

In the second part of his presentation, Alex elaborated on the issue of renting resources in the cloud, highlighting the pros and cons of this training option compared to using your own supercomputer. He also analyzed a number of factors influencing the decision to purchase a supercomputer.

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