MTS AI participates in AI Journey 2021

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Alexander Khanin and Nikita Semyonov will take part in the AI Journey 2021 Global conference on artificial intelligence and data analysis.

MTS AI speaks at AI Journey 2021 Conference. Meeting point: online

The world of artificial intelligence invites you to go on another online journey. MTS AI will take part in the AI Journey 2021 international conference on artificial intelligence and data analysis, which will be held online.

From November 10th to 11th, representatives of international organizations, businesses, the academic community and technical experts will gather to discuss points of AI technologies development and implementation in our lives and business. More than 250 speakers from all over the world, recognized world industry experts and representatives of leading companies in the sphere of AI technologies, more than 50 keynote speakers and over 20 thematic streams are waiting for the participants.

Two speakers from MTS AI will take part in the Conference. On November 10th at 5 pm Moscow time, Alexander Khanin, CEO MTS AI, will present the “The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Social Good” topic at the “AI for the Good of Society” discussion. And on November 11th at 5 pm Moscow time Nikita Semenov, Head of R&D, will talk about “Automatic speech recognition with unlabeled data” as part of the “Speech Analytics” session.

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