MTS AI Participated in the Digital Breakthrough Hackathon

Experts from MTS AI participated in the AI ​​hackathon, where solutions in the fields of medicine, healthcare and science were presented.

The first artificial intelligence hackathon in Russia

From June 18 through June 20, Nizhny Novgorod hosted Russia’s first AI hackathon within the Digital Breakthrough project. It was dedicated to solving cases in the fields of medicine, healthcare and science. Renowned experts took part in the hackathon.

Alexey Posternak, Chief Finance and Investment Officer at MTS AI, participated in the round table “New Growth Points and Vectors in Business and Government Development”, where he spoke about AI penetration in Russia and globally and announced the launch of an Accelerator for startups that create AI-based solutions. Dmitry Gerasimov, technical expert, in turn, gave a lecture for the hackathon participants on “How to Manage AI” and explained what is usually understood by the broad AI term, which tasks can be solved by AI and which competencies are required from the specialists in this field.

The key hackathon event was the signing of a cooperation agreement between MTS AI and the Gorky Center for Artificial Intelligence under the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The parties agreed on joint activities to popularize artificial intelligence. Within the agreement, the teams will engage students and specialists to work at industry-specific enterprises, hold competitions for developers in order to scout for talents able to create breakthrough solutions for business and government.

Alexey Posternak commented: “One of the tasks of our company is to create an open system for interaction between the AI market participants being the best experts in science and business, talented teams. The agreement with the Gorky Center for Artificial Intelligence will help us cooperate in this area: find and support the best developers of AI-based solutions, help them develop their products and subsequently contribute to introducing the best developments in the AI field on a practical level”.

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