MTS AI and 5th Annual Machines Can See Summit

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On July 8, the 5th annual Machines Can See summit was held, with MTS AI acting as a strategic partner.

Machines Can See is the leading computer vision conference

The international summit brought together the world’s leading experts in the field of CV and ML to discuss technology trends and share experience for the fifth time.

The scientific track was devoted to human-centric technologies focused on analytics based on silhouettes, gestures, poses, gaze directions and other attributes of a person without collecting or analyzing personal data. Scientists from international universities presented relevant research in this area. Invited speakers included Dima Damen, Efstratios Gavves, Bernard Ghanem, Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman and Kris Kitani.

Within the business program, experts discussed CV-powered digital transformation: representatives of the largest ecosystems, banks and IT companies spoke about real cases of technology introduction and further opportunities for scaling projects.


The conference was opened by Aleksandr Khanin – its founder and the CEO of MTS AI. In his presentation, Aleksandr discussed the AI market’s development in Russia and globally and outlined the main milestones on the international summit’s agenda:

“Machines Can See is a place for bright minds – CV researchers and developers from all over the world. The main goal of the summit is to build a bridge between the Russian and international communities in the field of CV because AI and ML know no nationality. For all of us, AI isn’t just a job, but a way of life.”

MTS AI experts also participated in the 5th Summit: Alexey Posternak, Chief Financial and Investments Officer, and Nikita Semenov, Director of the ML Department.


In his remarks, Alexey Posternak presented the key investment trends in the field of AI. The AI market is projected to grow fivefold by 2025 at an annual rate of over 40%. The top-3 industries where AI investments are concentrated are data security, process automation and customer service.

What did the trends show?

  • The United States and China continue to lead in terms of the volume of AI investments;
  • venture capital funds are investing at later stages as the industry continues to mature, but these funds lack the technical expertise necessary to evaluate developments at their early stages;
  • high investment activity in the field of edge computing is demonstrating interest in this technology;
  • a wide range of industries in which AI solutions are being integrated are driving the industry’s development;
  • capital is mostly being concentrated in a small number of industries: healthcare, big data analytics, fintech, software and EdTech;
  • last year, every tech giant acquired at least one AI company.

The business section of the summit featured a speech by Nikita Semenov, in which he gave a presentation on MTS AI, discussed its transformation and presented the strategy for its further development. The signing of an agreement with ITMO University on launching a trial master’s program, which we will discuss in more detail separately, was one of the conference’s key events.

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