ML-models Lifecycle: webinar by MTS AI for Data Masters

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Alex Shershebnev, Head of CV at MTS AI, will present “ML-models lifecycle: from experiment to production” webinar for hackathon participants.

MTS AI will host a webinar for Data Masters

On November 25th at 5 pm, Alex Shershebnev, Head of CV at MTS AI, will host a webinar on the “ML-models lifecycle: from experiment to production” topic for all the participants of the Data Masters hackathon, an international competition for solving global social problems using AI and Data.

The webinar will be devoted to the lifecycle of ML-models based on a case that was solved in MTS: the animals’ classification in photographs from camera traps.

At the beginning of the webinar, Alex will review a simple code for models training, and then, using only open-source tools, he will come to a production-ready service. During the webinar, Alex will touch on the aspects of tracking experiments and versioning, and also will cover various options for serving models.

After the webinar, the whole used code will be publicly available on GitHub.

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