MTS AI Helps Launch MTS Video Surveillance for Business

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MTS AI has augmented the MTS Video Surveillance for Business product with a cloud-based video surveillance and analytics service. Read the article to find out how TenVision team improved this solution to help the client.

A turnkey video surveillance and analytics service designed for MTS

MTS asked MTS AI to put in place a cloud-based video surveillance service with analytics features to support the launch of a B2B product for small and medium businesses. MTS AI team came up with a solution based on TenVision, a platform for developing cloud video surveillance and analytics services for business applications.

What did we do for the customer?

Seeking to customize the video surveillance and analytics to meet the client’s request, TenVision team improved the backend provider component to enable execution of the system’s business logic and remastered the interface of the system’s web, iOS and Android
apps. They also integrated the system with MTS ecosystem’s modules: added user profiles, prompts, metrics and polls.
Next, the team improved the Cloud Agent – optional software built into the camera that expands the camera’s functionality and connects it to the cloud storage to allow for further handling of data. The team implemented an over-the-air software update and taught the cameras to recognize various types of events:

  • detect movements, shrill and inappropriate sounds or excessive changes in sound volume;
  • detect acts of sabotage: when video stream is unavailable while the camera is running;
  • find people in the footage.

They also made it possible to use QR codes and ONVIF/RTSP protocols to connect devices to the system.
The next phase of the project will seek to increase the number of service integration scenarios based on the customer’s business goals, deploy a model with different roles and access permission levels, and plug in video analytics, retrospective analytics and smart search tools. Cloud Agent will be improved to operate with new camera types.

What was the end result?

To help the customer with their mission, MTS AI designed a turnkey video surveillance platform for the product named MTS Video Surveillance for Business, as well as camera software that enables plug-and-play connection to the cloud.

  • The deployment process took around 3 months, including backend development for the provider and integration with the MTS ecosystem.
  • The product was launched into commercial service.
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