MTS AI Adds Spam Calls Transcript Feature to MTS service

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MTS clients can now receive text messages with transcripts of advertising calls. NLP-technologies allow them to take advantage of the offers they need and waste no time on useless ads. 

Why does telecom business need transcriptsion of calls?

Today, telecom providers take steps to guard their clients from the increasing amount of spam calls. They design special services that prevent potential scammers and phone spam distributors from reaching to their customers.

A spam control product that MTS offers is known as the Guard. It is a voice assistant that answers unwanted calls and sends the client a transcript of the conversation in a text message.

The telecom provider requested MTS AI to put in place this quick call transcription feature. We proposed to address this challenge using Audiogram – a speech synthesis and recognition platform.

What does Audiogram offer?

Audiogram permits automatic real-time speech-to-text conversion, and it can inversely articulate text using a selected voice with preset intonation and accentuation options.

The product can serve as a platform for a variety of speech processing services. It can be used to:

  • recognize speech and synthesize speech segments for voice assistants;
  • record audiobooks;
  • convert voice records into text;
  • automatically generate subtitles in videos;
  • record audio messages using synthesized voices.

One of the main advantages of Audiogram is its multi-sectoral model that can be deployed in all business spheres, including retail, telecom, banks, etc. The model does not require any additional training. When requested by the customer, MTS AI can configure the speech recognition model to use specific business vocabulary, including marketing names and special terms, within just 14 days using 300 hours of audio records.

Audiogram can also recognize speech even when the client’s voice is too quiet or when the client is outdoors with loud sounds in the background. A synthesized voice will sound natural, and the client won’t have to configure stresses, pauses and intonations manually. Audiogram does this automatically.

What improvements did MTS AI implement for MTS Guard?

MTS AI team took a number of steps to enhance the Guard with AI features. They integrated Audiogram with MTS corporate systems. Deployed the speech synthesis and recognition platform on CPUs within the customer’s network. And then connected Audiogram to the MTS call center software via gRPC protocol that expedites the exchange of messages with intranet services.

The developers upgraded a number of the platform’s speech recognition and synthesis functions for the convenience of subscribers.

  • To enable the end user to better comprehend messages, the MTS AI team made some improvements to the punctuation option.
  • They taught the platform to convert numerals into digital values (e.g., three hundred and twenty-five into 325).
  • They also introduced the Anti-Profanity service that converts obscene language into special characters.


Following the integration of MTS AI product, MTS Guard was enhanced with features like recording and verbatim transcription of spam calls.

Clients now receive text messages with the text of conversation and indication of spam category. This way, MTS subscribers may rest assured that no important information will be lost, because they will be made aware of the call and the content of conversation.

Business effects from integration of Audiogram with MTS Guard

  • The number of service users more than tripled over a 5-month period.
  • ROI was recorded at 73%.

Audiogram integration process, including development of customized services, took 5 months. The product has been put into service, with continued improvements underway.

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