Solution Architect

Required professional experience

1 year

Employment mode


Work pattern

Flexible, Office, Remote



Professional area


Job duties:

  • Coordinate gathering and analysis of requirements for systems/components being developed and introduced, assess feasibility and formulate criteria for meeting the established requirements.
  • Take part in all software development lifecycles.
  • Decompose and formulate tasks to frontline contributors.
  • Advise developers.
  • Monitor compliance with architectural solutions.
  • Design and describe API in the OpenAPI format.
  • Document the masterminded solutions.
  • Prepare solution implementation roadmaps.
  • Come up with performance evaluation techniques and indicators for the proposed solutions.
  • Develop the architecture of integration services and interactions between the external and internal services, and explore various integration scenarios.
  • Take part in cost-benefit evaluation of any necessary measures / resources.
  • Analyze applicable requirements (gather, review and classify requirements).

Our expectations:

  • 1+ year of experience as an architect.
  • Proficiency in Python.
  • Experience in working on various high-load projects (at least 2-3 projects).
  • Practical knowledge of the architecture of advanced software applications.
  • Experience in using UML modeling language.
  • Experience in drafting TORs that specifically describe how the desired functions should be implemented.
  • Ability to forecast deadlines and labor input.
  • Willingness to work closely with IT teams, prove the case and take responsibility for managing problems.
  • Successful experience in developing products based on advanced technologies using opensource solutions (deep expertise in opensource and a broad outlook in terms of vendor solutions).
  • Understanding of specifications and experience working with them: JSONAPI, RPC-json, RPC, gRPC, OpenAPI + experience with swagger.
  • Understanding the principles of system design and software development, for example: OOP (SOLID, GRASP, etc.), KISS, YAGNI, etc.
  • Ability to conduct audits, formulate concepts for the development of architecture, and analyze risks.
  • Ability to choose software and methods of its integration: identify hardware requirements, calculate maximum safe load parameters, and ensure reliability.


  • Fundamental knowledge of SLA/OLA.
  • Knowledge of data migration, data storage routine.
  • Experience in working with personal data.
  • Good knowledge of network technologies, Linux administration skills.
  • Experience working in companies with extensive architectural landscape.
  • Business analysis skills.

We offer:

  • 5/2 work pattern, full or partial work from home, flexible BOB;
  • fixed salary + quarterly bonuses;
  • comfortable office within a five-minute walk from Kurskaya metro station;
  • voluntary health insurance with dental coverage, foreign travel insurance, life insurance, car insurance discounts;
  • participation in conferences and meet-ups, company-paid training;
  • free mobile plan;
  • special offers from MTS partners and friends.

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